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A bouquet of wrapped, fresh tulips to brighten your home!

These bouquets will be 100% creme upstar- a beautifully fragrant, pastel yellow double tulip with touches of blush.

I absolutely fell in love with tulips this year and wish I had more to offer.

They bring so much cheer and joy inside, just as the world outside is starting to wake up again.


Care: place in a vase of cool water, rinsing and replacing daily. Tulips love the cold, so they cooler you can keep them, the longer they will last. Flowers will be begin to open more every day.


PICKUP: from my home in Cokato. I will have the bouquets prepped Saturday night by 7PM, and out in the stand tomorrow for pickup around 1:00, or as soon as we return from church. Please let me know what would work better for you.


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